F-Secure Business Suite Update

Client Security Standard & Premium: 14.2


Client Security Version 14.2

Mit Donnerstag dem 28.2.2019 starten wir das automatisierte Update der Clients auf Version 14.2.

Wichtiger Hinweis für unsere Kunden!
Das Update wird automatisch verteilt, ein bzw. zwei Neustarts (je nach Bertriebssystem) sind notwendig um die automatisierte Installation zu vervollständigen.


What’s new in this version?

Fixed issues compared to version 14.01

  • Entries for older CS 12.X and 13.X versions remain in the installed products/applications list after upgrading to version 14.
  • Policy Manager communication issues related to problems with updating certificates.
  • Restart is required during MSI installation. Fixed in this version, but the product logic still requests a restart for upgrades from version 13.x after the installation is completed.
  • Unexpected operations (that have already been performed) from Policy Manager coming to client.
  • Installation status 1603 returned to Policy Manager when sidegrade starts.
  • Fshoster process hangs.
  • Firewall plugin crashes.
  • Tray icon not visible after upgrading to version 14.
  • Process exclusions not working.
  • GUTS2 plugin hangs.
  • „Check now“ button does not lead to immediate delivery of policies