F-Secure Business Suite Update

Policy Manager 14.40
Client Security Standard & Premium: 14.20


Client  & Server Security Updates

Mit Donnerstag dem 6.2.2020 starten wir das automatisierte Update der Clients auf Version 14.20.
Der neue Policy Manager in der Version 14.40 wurde bereits im MAG DataCenter installiert.

Wichtiger Hinweis für unsere Kunden!
Das Update wird automatisch verteilt, ein bzw. zwei Neustarts (je nach Bertriebssystem) sind notwendig um die automatisierte Installation zu vervollständigen.




What’s new in this version?

F-Secure Client Security 14.20 (Standard & Premium)

• Application Control file access rules
• Alerts for incorrect Application Control rules
• New main UI
• Numerous improvements in Firewall management
• SWUP improvements, including Microsoft Service packs installation support

F-Secure Policy Manager 14.40

New features and improvements

  • Improved integration with IBM QRadar by adding support for LEEF format for the forwarded alerts
  • Software Updater improvements
    • Fixed an issue with installing Microsoft Service Packs using Software Updater. It was impossible to install Service Packs that did not have a dedicated URL referring to the installer.
    • The Settings > Windows > Software Updater section has the following new settings added:
      • Run the task even if a scheduled task is missing.
      • Allow further installation of software updates before restarting.
    • The default cache size for software updates is increased from 10GB to 20GB.
  • Other changes and improvements
    • Added support for Application control alerts reporting misconfigured rules.
    • Added support for firewall block alerts triggered when an F-Secure firewall rule has blocked an application.
    • Added support for report-only action for manual scanning operations.
    • Fixed an issue with Email and Server Security ‚Internal domains‘ and ‚Internal SMTP senders‘ settings which were distributed with a wrong separator for Email and Server Security 14.x version.
    • Fixed the issues with the Policy Manager Console Inheritance report which showed firewall profile IDs instead of names from the Firewall profiles automatic selection table.