F-Secure Business Suite Update

Client Security Standard & Premium: 14.1 (F-Secure One Client (CS) 14.01.121))


Client Security Version 14.1

Mit Montag dem 7.1.2019 starten wir das automatisierte Update der Clients auf Version 14.

Wichtiger Hinweis für unsere Kunden!
Das Update wird automatisch verteilt, ein bzw. zwei Neustarts (je nach Bertriebssystem) sind notwendig um die automatisierte Installation zu vervollständigen.


  • Host identities are reused when upgrading from Client Security 12.x or 13.x series.
  • Last known good Policy Manager address is migrated when upgrading from 12.x and 13.x series.
  • Exporting Client Security MSI package from the Console does not require local administrator rights.
  • Client Security now installs on computers with Bulgarian, Vietnamese, and Lithuanian locale (in English).
  • Sidegrades now prompt a computer restart after installation instead of during it.
  • Client Security setup now prevents installation to server platforms.
  • Device control generates alerts when blocking devices. These alerts can be disabled.
  • Device control block alerts contain the currently logged in user name if available.
  • The product now includes the fsaua-update.exe tool for updating database definitions on hosts without internet access. The tool is located in the <F-Secure installation folder>\Client Security\ folder.
  • The product now includes the fsaua-poll.exe tool for initiating a check for new policies and updates. The tool is located in the <F-Secure installation folder>\Client Security\ folder.
  • Improved the Trusted sites table editor in the local UI.
  • The output of the ResetUID tool now includes the type of host identifier.
  • Improved the DataGuard protected folders table editor in the local UI.